I have had an obsession with a particular taco shop since moving to Renton. I was told that I would never find decent Mexican food here. And, after a multitude of visits to the Seattle area over the years, I’d have to agree. So it was a magical moment when we found our sweet, street tacos-from-the-heavens. Inexpensive, and only a 7 minute walk! I took friends and family there. My conviction to make most (if not all) meals at home was challenged. The tacos danced in our mouths, satisfying our hunger. And the sopes– delicately fried cups of masa, filled with the magic of humble refried beans, meat, guacamole, and crema — they became my favorite menu item. There was always hand-made salsas at their salsa bar that we could pick from, along with pickled veggies. Those salsas greeting my mouth with a high-five of punchy, meaningful spices rounded out the perfect latin meal.

This was our spot. Our family restaurant. The place we would go to find comfort and loud deportes or telenovelas. And last Sunday, after a 2-week “fast” from it, I discover my taco-sopes-salsa shop is closed. I peered in the window, happy to arrive, then fell silent as I noticed the interior in disarray. I shouted in Spanish to the gentlemen inside, “Are you closed?! No!!!” They nodded. Grief. And good grief!!!

I will be making sopes and hand-made salsas of all colors for the next 6 months. Can this be done daily? Will I ever achieve the deliciousness of my lost taqueria? I wonder.


Last Friday we had friends over. So I decided to do a bacon blast of bacon. We had bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin (is there such a thing as bad tenderloin?), and maple-bacon ice cream. Oh baby, I have never done the cold candied bacon thing, and I totally get it now. Here are the recipes I used…. Enjoy!

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Maple Bacon Ice Cream


Sopes! Mexican boats of flavor.