This past weekend, we decided to have some friends over for another grill experiment. I have never made cheesesteaks before and I have been dying to try. I was pleasantly surprised with the result and I think my friends were too. YAY! In the scramble of getting everything we didn’t allow for enough time to slice the meat but our butcher jumped in and sliced our steak with his precision hands (and very sharp knife). Next time, we will plan a little further in advance and get that super thin slice that Philly’s are known for. Still, even though the meat was thicker than traditional, the sandwiches were on point and extremely tasty. Here’s how it went down:

4 lbs GOOD QUALITY thinly sliced Rib Eye
4 White Onions
3 Anaheim Peppers
2-3 tbsp Oil
Salt & Pepper
Cheese Wiz or Provolone Cheese (or both)
6-8 Sub Sandwich Buns

If you can get the steak all in one piece, do it or if you can ask your butcher to slice it for you, do that. You want the thinnest slices you can get. If you are cutting yourself, par-freeze the steaks for 2-3 hours and then run them through a slicer. If you don’t have access to a slicer, you can just slice it as thin as you can. Our butcher didn’t have a slicer and didn’t have enough time to par-freeze for us but was able to slice the meat pretty thin by hand saving us the trouble. They were awesome!

Turn your grill all the way up. HOT!

On a flat iron grill pan, pre-cook your sliced onions and peppers in a couple tbsp oil. Go for slightly translucent and just short of fully cooked (not brown/carmelized. Little charred bits are good though) then pull them all off and place them aside.

I didn’t need to use oil with the meat on the pan. Rib eye is pretty fatty and our slices were a lot thicker than paper-thin so the fat in the meat did the job well. If you have paper-thin slices, you might want to put a sprinkle of oil down with your meat.

Place about 6-8oz of meat on the hot grill pan and sprinkle with salt & pepper. When one side is brown (probably about a minute or so, less if they are paper-thin), flip, salt & pepper, then add in the onions & peppers.

After the flip, start cutting the meat into smaller chunks. As many as you can while it finishes cooking. When all the meat looks brown, group it into a sandwich sized mound and add the cheese.

I had warm Cheese Wiz in a jar that I would pour a little on top. I put 2 slices of provolone on top and let the grill melt it. You can do one cheese or both (I did both. Most of my guests just wanted provolone)

Spread a layer of mayonnaise on the bottom side of your bun (optional)

Using a large spatula, scoop up the meat, onions, peppers & cheese and lay on a bun

Eat & Enjoy!