Well, it’s Wednesday, which means it’s the day after our CSA (community supported agriculture) farm share pick-up. So we have a ton of fresh produce! We were encouraged to take a photo of our fridge (the good, bad and ugly!) and post it online. So here it is (click to enlarge)!

The top shelf includes a number of pickled veggies (pickled beets with coffee, sauerkraut, cucumbers for an incredible dill pickle), leftover potato soup, fresh leeks, leftover bratwurst and taco meat.

The second shelf contains a lot of homemade sauces and garnishes, like tomatillo green salsa, giardiniera, and banana pancake base, as well as broccoli, organic milk, and more.

The bottom shelf has fresh eggs, rainbow chard, raspberries (picked at the farm!), and carrots.

Not pictured are different breads, more veggies, and some deli meats and cheeses.

We think our fridge says two things about us: that we love to cook and have fresh, healthy and happy food around, and that we are truly blessed to have all of this delicious, organic food.

Want to come over? We’re ready to share!

We’ll be posting about how we use all of this stuff. What do you guys have in your fridge? Send us photos!