Don’t Fear the Fish

Fish dishes, for some, can be pretty intimidating. And why are people so often prone to ‘fish avoidance’? Well…

  • Fish smells, well, fishy!
  • They didn’t grow up eating fish and aren’t used to the taste/texture
  • Or, they did grow up eating fish, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience
  • They only know fish cooked in a certain way
  • They don’t like the idea of eating fish from a can
  • They went fishing way too often with Grandpa as a kid!

But enough reasons as to why you might not want to eat fish…here’s a few that we hope might change your mind!

  • Fish doesn’t have to smell, or even taste, ‘fishy’…
  • …And in fact, can taste amazing!
  • It’s quick and easy to prepare – fishmongers do all of the dirty work, while you get all the glory!
  • Your heart and your brain will thank you; fish is full of awesome, healthy nutrients
  • The pescatarians in your life will adore you
  • Fish tacos. Need we say more.


First, you need to decide what kind of fish dish you’d like to make. Either peruse the internet, call a friend, or better yet, have a nice chat on the phone with your local fishmonger. Ask them what easy, accessible fish is available today. Then, find a recipe (we’ll give you a few ideas below), make your shopping list, and GO!

Make sure the fish you buy isn’t fishy smelling, and the eye is nice and clear (if you’re buying a whole fish). The fish should be firm to the touch and not ‘squishy’. Flash frozen is an outstanding alternative to fresh fish. Just be sure to following the thawing method exactly as described on the packaging.

Please, oh please, do no thaw out fish in warm water. Please don’t. Try to plan ahead so that you can avoid this. We’re begging you.


Although most fish cooks relatively quickly, it’s not a ‘set and leave’ protein. Fish is like a toddler that needs constant attention, so keep your eyes and ears on your fish to avoid it drying out (and trust us, dried out fish is pretty gross). Carefully press on the side of the fish to ensure that you’re bringing it to a nice cooking temperature…internal temps range from 130-145 F. We suggest you learn what temperature you like and stick to it. We also recommend, for the first few tries at least, to actually cut one of the fish open while cooking (yes, pull it off and set it aside before cutting so you don’t burn yourself!) and then you’ll start to learn how long you want your fish to cook for. LEARN YOUR FISH!

Here are a couple of our favourite fish recipes…what’s your favorite way to cook fish? Comment below to let us know!

Broiled Cod & Broccoli-Quinoa Pilaf

Halibut, Corn & Chorizo Grill Packets

And if you want to feel like you’ve just come back from a day-long surfing sesh in Baja, then make these delicious fish tacos…SO GOOD.